Who Do You Say That I Am?

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Who Do You Say That I Am?

An introduction to the true Messiah from a non-Trinitarian view.


In preparing the information on the Trinity for this web site I realized the magnitude of the task at hand and decide to keep the information as brief as possible [and even that was a monumental task] yet giving the readers enough ‘food for thought’ so that they may do more research on their own. I will include both websites and books on this subject at the end of this discussion for anyone wanting more information on this topic.
The material presented below has been researched to great lengths and is based totally on the Scriptures. I have examined both sides of the subject and can assure you that I have no ax to grind, but have found that the information on the Trinity is without any foundation, nor is it supported by the language of the Scripture. Let me state that I believe in our Heavenly Father and in his Son Y’shua (Jesus) and that the Father sent Y’shua to be a way back to Him and a means for our salvation, but I do not believe the Scripture supports the idea of the Moshiach(Messiah) being G-d of very G-d. When wrong ideas of the Mashiach are espoused they put us on the course of misinterpretations and a misconception of who our Mashiach and his Heavenly Father are. These misconceptions and misinterpretations lead us further away from the truth and ultimately further away from the Father who is the only true G-d.

The Doctrine of the Trinity has been the subject matter of many students of the Scriptures, and has long been debated by both sides of the matter since its forced establishment into the church for political reasons by Constantine in 315 C.E. (Common Era). Later it was adopted by the Council of Constantinople in 381 C.E. and states,

“There is one God who co-exists in three eternal and co-equal persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Son, therefore, is fully “God” as much as the Father is”.

{With regard to this statement, we respectfully disagree and will further explain our position later on this site.}

It is my hope that the information found here will help the seeker of Truth find his/her path, and help enlighten his/her way.